The perfect journey through the Florida Keys has to do with the pit stops

Especially for conch fritters, tarpon fishing and meetings constellations. This is what you should not miss. In Miami, you can directly on Route 1 for a straight shot on the buttons on the southernmost island, Key West jump (without stopping, the unit is about three hours). But why take the shortest route? Instead, if you happen to Homestead, Florida, hanging its route map, the only other way to the Keys. It is equally picturesque but with less traffic (however is a dollar only cash toll). It is also the only way to get any kind of low-cost products jointly sea in Key Largo, Alabama Jack, a rite of passage to obtain for anyone who does this record. Outside there are a number of Harleys; inside, a rock ‘n’ roll cover Johnny Cash. , , and some conch fritters, with much more delicious and hearty meat you will ever find (58000 Card Sound Rd;. 305-248-8741; $ 11 tickets).

Once you are tired, Miami to Key West drive attractions  back on Highway 1, the Overseas Highway. Half about an hour of Alabama Jack Mrs. Mac cooking, worth a quick stop for a slice of key lime pie excellent (99336 Overseas Hwy; 305-451-3722; $ 14 tickets.). Finally, do not be divers want to miss John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. It can accommodate 260 species of tropical fish and 80 coral species (305-451-6322; diving trips from $ 55 per person). I will not go into the water? Take ground instead excursion glass boat.

Drive 150 miles from Miami to Key west one of the great American road trips is to hit the continent and in the Florida Keys in a legendary city of the island, which was a refuge for writers and presidents. Somewhere in the Marathon one can thought to see a UFO. When someone was driving and Keys archipelago high in the sky in Florida and a stationary metal thing looked robot as disembodied eye. I could not give meaning, but Parasailing in Key West  later someone told me about Fat Albert, a aerostat radar DEA kind of used to ship to keep in mind here. I’m not sure whether saw Albert, however may be. It seemed, too high to be too strong an inflatable airship.

On the same day there was a different, but equally disturbing game. In the Upper Keys, I went through a temporary sign on the side of the road; It is made of diamond, orange cloth, and read: State prisoners at work. Some quarter mile down, there were four men with indolence of the forest the day before, and to identify it throw in the back of a truck. I expect to be me from prison uniform in a way that orange boiler suits as road sign. They are not, and I wonder why the character was revealed that they were all doomed.

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